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General discussion
Swap stories,tips,advice or even pics of your pets here
Talk about your latest soap gossip here
Reality TV
Discuss all your favourite reality TV here
If you like dramas,this is the forum for you
Enjoyed a docu,or know of an upcoming one, let us know here
whether its most haunted,or the ghost whisperer,chat about it here
Family & Life
Do you have kids? are they good or naughty? discuss here
discuss your in-laws here,whether you love them or hate them
Have you had a good day at work,or is it getting you down? get it off your chest!
Do you have a friend who you love,or are your friends bugging you a little? discuss here
Have you, your children or anyone you know been bullied? talk about it here
Moaners corner
Just feel like a general moan? put your feet up with a cuppa and let us know
Spiritual corner
Your paranormal stories
any spooky happenings? share them with us here
Any hauntings near were you live? let us know
Share your meditation techniques with us here
Which grounding techniques do you use?
Are you psychic?
Do you communicate with spirit,or do tarot,or maybe even spiritual art?
Spirit pics
Share them here,we'd love to see them!
Psychic art
Why not share you psychic art with us here
Which crystals are you drawn to,and which ones work for you?
Do you beleieve in them, have you ever seen one? share your experiences with us
A shoulder to lean on
Problems and worries
Do you have a problem or a worry you need to talk about, please feel free to post them here
Other discussion forums
Have you been banned unjustly from another discussion forum, talk about it here
Spiritual sites
been banned from a spiritual forum or chat site? talk about it here
Online bullying
Been bullied on the web? talk to us, we will listen
Share your links with us
Your links
share your websites with us
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